About Us

Small businesses and affordable and innovative advertising is our main focus.

Several years ago we had an idea. That idea turned into what Traffic AdBoards is today. There isn’t an advertising method today that has as much recall power and is as cost effective as our Traffic AdBoards. Our idea started as a simple way to make advertising easy and affordable. However, we have developed a line of Traffic AdBoards that not only make up an affordable, easy to use and extremely successful mobile advertising system, but can also generate a stream of income which could either be supplemental or even serve as a stand-alone turn-key business!

In addition, our goal for  is to provide small businesses with a mobile advertising system that is not only affordable, but also extremely effective. When considering the alternative – expensive radio, television and newspaper advertising, as well as exorbitant billboard rates, our Traffic AdBoards are truly a valuable investment that have the added benefits of:

  • Interaction with  your target audience, consumers on their way to buy.
  • Ability to create specific, targeted, easily changeable messages.
  • Meets all safety requirements.
  • Cost of the sign itself is a 100% capital business expense write off!
  • Additional tax write-offs of 55.5 cents per mile that host vehicle drives.
  • Our Traffic AdBoards, “Total Marketing System” is the only advertising medium that pays for itself.
  • Residual income opportunities.
  • Our Traffic AdBoards have the highest retention rate (97%!) of all advertising mediums.
  • You own it and it keeps on working!

At Traffic AdBoards, we have taken great pains in ensuring that all of the pieces are in place for a successful future for our customers as well as our Dealers and Partners. This starts with the most revolutionary advertising device that is transforming the industry for small businesses. It continues with on-going support for all issues pertaining to our Traffic AdBoards, from sales and service to campaign generation and even obtaining and managing clients wishing to advertise on our Traffic AdBoards. We even have an exceptional leasing program in place to allow our customers to get started right away by keeping the initial cost of our Traffic AdBoards small.

We would like to invite you to be a part of advertising history by buying and/or selling our Traffic AdBoards and see what a difference it will make to your bottom line!