Traffic AdBoards vs. Vehicle Wraps

Benefits to Customers of Traffic AdBoards


Traffic AdBoards are both an alternative to and an add-on for vehicle wraps.
When used with a WRAPPED vehicle, Traffic AdBoards offer:

  • Dynamic messages.
  • Ability to create specific, targeted, easily, changeable messages.
  • Ability to use supplier coop dollars.
  • Lighted message for extra impact at night.
  • Portability

In addition, for an UNWRAPPED vehicle, our Traffic AdBoards:

  • Allow for the ability to use the vehicle for powerful, effective advertising, without changing the vehicle’s appearance or finish.
  • Doesn’t require uninstallation at vehicle trade in/return.
  • Allow vehicle to be easily switched to “civilian” use (for weekends, vacations, etc) by removing it.

Benefits to Our Dealers and Partners


  • Traffic AdBoards are unique!!! There are no other products like our Traffic AdBoards!
  • There is no direct competitor!!! Pricing for vehicle wraps is incredibly competitive and margins are tight.
  • Traffic AdBoards offer a very strong investment value to your customer.
  • There is no other vehicle based advertising medium that offers the impact, value and versatility of our Traffic AdBoards!
  • Because of our Traffic AdBoards uniqueness and effectiveness, you can offer your customers a tremendous product and value, while maintaining a strong margin for your business.
  • You also can benefit from an ongoing revenue stream from providing new campaign graphics.
  • Traffic AdBoards are built to provide years of high impact advertising for your customers.
  • With the optional stand and AC power adapter, Traffic AdBoards can be used as a freestanding sign at events etc.
  • With Traffic AdBoards, you can capture sales from customers who want to use their vehicles for advertising, but don’t want to, or can’t, apply graphics to their vehicles, adding sales revenue otherwise lost.
  • Traffic AdBoards can profitably enhance your existing sales capabilities and add new sales opportunities.