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We would like to welcome you to! We have a philosophy and it’s pretty simple, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want!

So how about you, what do you want? How would you like to work out of your home and make great money for the rest of your life, or supplement your income substantially with only a little of your time? Well, my friend, you have come to the right place! We will show you how to start making huge profits very quickly and secure your financial future! You will be able to retire sooner than you ever thought possible!

Have you ever hear someone say, “Wow, I wish I would have had a chance to get involved with cell phones or computers years ago”? If you think back 20 years, not too many people had cell phones or computers. Fast forward to today and you would be hard pressed to find someone that did not have a cell phone or a computer. Consider this opportunity your second chance!

Almost every single successful business has a sign of some sort! Businesses have signs to draw attention to them. The more attention the better! It’s been proven, the more attention a business gets, the more that business will prosper. Super Bowl advertisements are a perfect example of this. Large corporations spend millions of dollars on these ads just to get more attention to their business. Through the advent of our Traffic AdBoards, we are now able to offer an affordable solution for small and growing businesses to do the same thing! Our LED Traffic AdBoards and Digital Traffic AdBoards are easily programmable digital signs, allowing business to communicate to the thousands of people driving by each day. There is an unlimited growth potential with our Traffic AdBoards. Just imagine twenty years from now that every business in America could have one of these Traffic AdBoards and you could help us make that happen!

We are looking for Affiliates to help us sell all of our Traffic AdBoard products. We have three levels of affiliates:

1. Affiliate Internet Marketer – Serve as internet only sales representatives that earn commissions for every product that they sell for us over the internet, as well commissions for every Affiliate Dealer and Affiliate Partner that they refer that joins us.

2. Affiliate Dealer – Serve as both an internet and field sales representative and also earn commissions or every product that they sell for us over the internet or out in the field, as well commissions for every Affiliate Dealer and Affiliate Partner that they refer that joins us.

3. Affiliate Partner – Serve as both an internet and field sales representative. They receive wholesale pricing on our Traffic Adboards and sell them directly to the public for retail prices to make a profit. They also earn commissions for every Affiliate Dealer and Affiliate Partner that they refer that joins us—plus commissions on advertising revenue generated by our Traffic AdBoards.

There is no cost to become an Affiliate Internet Marketer for us. Our Affiliate Dealers are required to pay a small registration fee to cover the costs of getting up and running with the tools that are needed to ensure success in this industry (more on that later). Those wishing to become an Affiliate Partner with us are required to purchase of one of our Traffic AdBoards and have their own SUV with a 2″ hitch receiver to attach their Digital Traffic AdBoards. We offer our Affiliate Partners a turnkey “Total Marketing System” which can easily generate an income of up to $6k+/month with very little worry or work using our proven system. We provide full support to all of our Affiliates to help them get up and running. As one of our Affiliates, you can realize what it means to work smarter, not harder! There is nothing for you to figure out on your own. Our program will provide you with all of the tools and techniques needed to succeed. You could easily get started in your spare time and start generating a significant monthly cash flow – with no prior experience!

This is a real opportunity for you to start earning huge profits very quickly…the possibilities are endless!

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